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by Pyroxene

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released April 21, 2017



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Pyroxene Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Track Name: Bullets Fly
Night was dark, there was no sound
One wrong move and you go down

Bullets fly, they all have names
They don't care, we're all the same

Day or night who knows where, who knows what
They don't care, they don't care what you do
Day or night, who knows where, who knows what
They don't care what you do, the only thing they want is you

Dawn is here, my cover is gone
Bastards come with scorching sun

Hell on earth, nowhere to go
I can't escape the devil's flow
Track Name: Cleansed In Fire
Don't be afraid,
Climb to the spire
Remove all your clothes
And let me cleanse you in fire

Empty your mind
I'll make it clear
Forget all your life
And all you hold dear

Look to the sky,
Spit in the wind
You gave birth to lightning
Now mortal redeem

And then there's lust
Oh, that sin from within
Once you've mastered this art
May the cleansing begin!

Woe, my agent born of sin
As you dive into your hell within
My hatred burns like kerosene
Look for answers from within

My hatred burns like kerosene
Look for the answers from within
The Second Coming was a lie
Ask no questions if you die
When you die..

Arise from the flames
Quench your desire
Of pain and salvation
Then cleanse me in fire
Arise from the flames
Be at my side
Burning desire
Cleansed in fire!

Look in the mirror
I know what you see
Your own reflection
Your own enemy

Your ritual's over
Before me arise
Be strong and relentless
As you ascend to the stars

The ritual's over
My gain, your defeat
With your death, my master
Is the cleansing complete?
Track Name: Fireborn
From fires of the Earth
Within the great forge
Dwells a great beast
The unstoppable force

Fear he demands
Laws he defies
Slayer of weak
Mankind he despises

As a fiery plague
From molten ravine
The last of his kind
And driven by sin
Lurking in fire
Remaining unseen

Demons and beasts
Await his command
At a blink of his eye
From deeps they'll ascend

The time has now come
He's ready for war
Ten thousand degrees
Unleashed form the core

Twisters of fire
Scorching the land
Death and destruction
Humanity's end

Minions of mayhem
Igniting his scorn
They're bearing the mark
Of the last Fireborn
Track Name: Helium3
In years of great darkness
In years of the war
The world was torn apart
By principles old!

Now new force is rising
It hungers for power
A fiery god
His foes he'll devour

War is here!
No one is free!
All shall fall!
In battle for helium-3

The deity of fire
His orders were clear
To make the preparations
So the moon he could tear

To conquer and usurp
The helium-3
No man shall oppose him
No man shall be free

War is here!
No one is free!
All shall fall!
In battle for helium-3

Vast armies of the Fireborn
Now harvest golden ore
To power up his war machine
To rule forevermore